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April 9, 2012 / Les Stewart

Cedar View 196? Grades ?

Front: Phillip Andross, 2, Roy Kellogg, 4, 5, Sherry Craft 7, 8

Middle: Rick Craft, Jim Therrien, 3, 4, – Rowell 6, 7, 8, 9

Back: 1, 2, Colin Shute, Elinor Carson 5, 6, Bruce Stewart, 8, Lloyd Kellogg 10, Mr. Keith Shute

Anyone know more about this year?

January 17, 2012 / Les Stewart

S.S. No. 17 1928 Grades ?

A History of Vespra Township, 1987, p. 593.

Front: Margaret Walt, Reginald Scarboro, Catherine Doran, Marie Coutts, Jean Walt, Irene Walt, Ivy Scarboro, Beryl Coutts, Rae Coutts, Les Sutton

Middle: Harry Doran, Alfred Sutton, Hazel Sutton, Roy Walt, Maurice Coutts, Harold Doran, Ted Doran

Back: Percy Sutton, Ernie Kinton, Roy Gray, Garnet Walt

Teacher (not in photo): Miss Mereda Dorsey

January 16, 2012 / Les Stewart

S.S. No. 6 1901

A History of Vespra Township, 1987, p. 585.

Front: George Stewart, Jack Bemrose, Bob Russell, Jim Coutts, Robert McGowan, Everett Coutts, Walter Black, Wallace Coutts, Max Coutts, George Blanchard, Forbes Coutts, Herb Barrett, Charlie Stewart, Jerry McCreight, ?, Art McGuire, Bob Poole, Martin Shaughnessy, Percy “Con” Pierce, George Monteith, George Coutts, Merril McCreight

Middle: Ed Sneath, Lizzie Monteith, Mabel Barrett, Vida Gill, Maggie O’Reilley, Edna Barrett, Maude Barrett, Mae Black, Flossie Pierce, Alice Armstrong, Katie Gilchrist, Martha Spence, Marg Ellen Shaughnessy, Inez Monteith, Pearl Russell, Luella Gill, Mabel Monteith,¬† Alice Spence, Daisy Coutts, Cecil Garvin, Darcy O’Reilly

Back: Herb McGowan, Birdie Russell, Isabel Stewart, Pearl Wattie, Kate Coutts, Margaret Orok, Nellie Monteith, Emma Bemrose, Annie May Barrett, Jessie Orok, May Russell, Bill Wattie, Jim “Red” Coutts, Ed Cavanaugh, Jim Brennan, John O’Reilly, Bill Shaughnessy

Extreme Back: Teachers, Sam Cotton, Ella Partridge (Mrs. E.C. Drury in January 11, 1905)

January 16, 2012 / Les Stewart

S.S. No. 6 1943 Grades ?

A History of Vespra Township, 1987, p. 591.

Back: Mrs. H. Newman: teacher, Walter Schandlen, Allen Spence, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Day, John Wattie, David Bowdery, Mildred Schandlen, Dorothy Ayres, Mrs. M. Frankcom: teacher

Second: Jim Shute, Bill Poole, Eleanor Mason, Mae Poole, Mary Ayres, Thelma Poole, Mavis Coutts, Jean Spence, Eva Wallwin, Flora Peacock

Third: Jean Schandlen, ? Blight, Muriel Spence, Lois Coutts, Leslie ?, Mary Peacock, Peggy Adamson, Evelyn Ayres, Patsy Adamson

Front: Raymond Blight, George Youngman, Buddy Blight, Lawrence Brown, Bill Brown, Don Poole, Ron Bertram, Ron Coutts, Geoffrey Bowen, Jim Bertram

January 16, 2012 / Les Stewart

S.S. No. 6 1936 Grades

A History of Vespra Township, 1987, p. 590.

Front: Russell Carson, Sonny Garvin, Lorne Poole, Ross Spence, Bob Poole, Bill Day, Mervyn Ayers

Second: Jean Spence, Betty Peacock, Marian Wallwin, Mildred Schandlen, Eva Wallwin, Eleanor Adamson, Thelma Poole, Joyce Peacock, Betty Brown, Helen Woods, Ruth Smith

Third: Emily Pickering: teacher, Ralph Schandlen, Pat Frankcom, Bruce Peacock, Don Coutts, Ernest Finlay, Mary Bowdery, Doreen Smith, Adrian Wallwin, Mrs. Marie Frankcom: teacher

Back: Marguerite Spence, Sylvia Woods, Isabel Peacock, Madeline Greenlaw, Dorothy Finlay,  Viola Bowdery, Catherine Doran, Rae Coutts, Ted Doran, Harold Spence

January 16, 2012 / Les Stewart

S.S. No. 6 1930 Grades ?


1930 ss6

The History of Vespra Township, 1987, p. 589

Front: Hubert Tracy, Clarence Gill, Fred Perkins, Ernie Bowdery, Bobby Martin, Tommy Cairns, Archie McGinnis, James Smith, David Smith

Second: Charlie Wattie, Alfred Wallwin, Arthur Greenlaw, Oliver Carson, Dorothy Pierce, Kay Smith, Helen Finlay, ? Tracy, Patricia Dwyer, Margaret O’Reilly

Third: Pat Frankcom, Arnold Kissick, Ralph Schandlen, Donnie Coutts, Ernie Finlay, Adrian Wallwin, Harold Spence, James Pierce, Dorothy Finlay, Dorothy Willis, Madelin Greenlaw, Viola Bowdery

Back: Miss Eurig: teacher, Anita Greenlaw, Mabel Gill, Kathleen Smith, Dorothy Poole, Ethel Craig, Leona O’Reilly, Florence Russell, Mary Dwyer, Mavis Greenlaw, Harold Wallwin, Charlie Greenlaw, Miss Mistelle: teacher

January 16, 2012 / Les Stewart

S.S. No. 6 1926 Grades ?

A History of Vespra Township, 1987, p. 588.

Front: Jimmy Smith, Oliver Carson, Clarence Gill, Bill Carson, Arthur Greenlaw, Clarlie Greenlaw, Wilfred Herman, Alfred Wallwin, Oliver O’Reilly, Charlie Wattie

Second: Alec Finlay, Arthur ?, Roy Tracy, Cecil Frankcom, Howard Gill, Lyn Russell, Arnold Rummerfield, Albert Wallwin, Harold Wallwin, Bert Smith

Third: Hubert Tracy, Anita Greenlaw, Marion Spence, Kathleen Smith, Dorothy Poole, Marion Craig, Evelyn Finlay, Ethel Craig, Leona O’Reilly, Caroline Smith, Dorothy Pierce, Helen Finlay

Back: Isabel Story, Florence Russell, Alberta Gill, Eleanor Herman, Mavis Greenlaw, Allan Forbes: Teacher, Vera Poole, Pearl Waller, May Dwyer, Mary Mills, Mabel Gill